Turnkey project: INDOLINK assists BELLOTA Agrisolutions to setup their plant in Nasik (India)

Company name: Bellota Agrisolutions
Year/place: 2007, Nasik (Maharashtra)
Sector: Metal
Services provided: Consulting services & Setup assistance. It’s a turnkey project by providing consulting, supply, installation, execution and Project Management, recruitment.

Bellota Herramientas it’s a Spanish company belonging to “Corporación Patricio Etxeberria (CPE)” group of companies. They manufacture hand tools and spare parts for agricultural machinery.

CPE has manufacturing plants in Spain, Denmark, United States, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela. Their products are being sold in more than 120 countries.

As a step towards expansion of their activities the group decided to set up their manufacturing operations in India and after analyzing the different suitable locations, it was decided to set up the operations in Nasik (Maharashtra). The Group has decided to set up their operations in India in a phased manner and will be starting with the production of only one of the products from the variety of their product line.


INDOLINK CONSULTING is assisting this group to execute this Turnkey project. The Broader Scope of this project includes:

  1. Market research: mainly by answering this two questions; Why it will be beneficial to set up manufacturing operations in India? and Which location will be more suitable?
  2. Obtain Necessary Licenses: All necessary licenses, registrations and approvals to smoothly carry out the operations in India
  3. Recruitment of Candidates for Key Positions.
  4. Acquisition of Land: All type of assistance related to acquisition of land, from looking for suitable land till getting possession of it and registration of property documents.
  5. Construction of Factory Building: All type of services related to execution and project management of construction of the facilities, including finalization of agencies, approval of Building plan, construction of building.
  6. Accessibility of necessary Infrastructure and installations: Making available necessary infrastructure such as office electricity, water, communication, furniture, etc.
  7. Acquisition of Required Machineries: Acquisition of required machineries for their Indian facility, including looking for suppliers, finalizing suppliers and machines, coordination with suppliers, getting machines and installation of them in the factory building.
  8. Other Miscellaneous Services: Other services required by the group from time to time to assist them in setting up their operations in India.

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