PIDINVER India: 40 Investment opportunities for Spanish companies in India by ICEX

Company/ Institute name: Spanish Foreign Trade Institute (ICEX)
Year/ place: 2008, all India
Sector: Multisectorial
Services provided: Consulting services, audit and diagnosis of 40 Indian companies.
PIDINVER India is a program of the Spanish Foreign Trade Institute (ICEX) to identify, promote and support new investment initiatives for Spanish companies in the Indian market. For this purpose INDOLINK was appointed by ICEX to carry out the audit and diagnosis of 40 Indian companies.

The audits were conducted in different sectors such as automotive, electrical, electronic, energy, engineering, IT, textile, oil and gas, FMCG and others.

Our consultants travelled to 40 different companies all over India where they spent one full day interviewing key personnel and conducting the audits. The scope of the audits was wide and after the field work was done, a report was written for each company/audit containing detailed information in the following areas: Marketing & Sales, Operations & Technology, Personnel & Finance, SWOT analyses, Collaboration proposals and Risk Assesments.

Its conclusions were put forward in three seminars with the following title: PIDINVER project “40 investment opportunities for Spanish companies in India”.
The seminars were held in Barcelona, Madrid and San Sebastian in June 2008, had a good affluence of enterprises interested in India. The event started with the intervention of Jose Antonio Bretones, Commercial Delegate of the Spanish Commercial Office in New Delhi, presenting “Indian Market: Introduction and Business Opportunities”; members of ICEX followed with a detailed explanation of the support programmes they offered to Spanish companies that want to invest in India; and third, Mario Gil, Director of INDOLINK explained the experiences of twelve Spanish companies that are already or in the process of setting up their facilities in India. He also detailed the process of how the 40 audits and diagnosis of Indian enterprises were conducted by INDOLINK.



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