American university ties up with Pune’s B-school

Source: Business Standard, Feb 16, 2011

Mumbai/ Pune: The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS), has tied up with city based Europe Asia Business School (EABS) and academic service provider Global talent Track (GTT) for setting up center for services excellence which will offer study programmes in IT and management. This center is envisaged to jointly conduct research as well as to offer multi-disciplinary academic programs in India. The first of the courses to be launched in 2011.

College of Engineering and Applied Science at UCCS and GTT- certificate program in services marketing that has been developed specially by the College of Business, at UCCS and will be offered by Europe Asia Business School (EABS), a unit of GTT. The centre for services excellence will conduct research and offer multi-disciplinary academic programmes in India. The EABS has campuses in Pune and Mumbai.

Dr. Pam Shockley Zalabak, chancellor, UCCS said “This program will help reach out to many more students in this part of the world and will give us an opportunity to increase the span of our global education. This joint program with GTT and EABS also gives our students an opportunity to leverage the India experience and the best of the education available here in India. “

Dr Uma Ganesh, founder and CEO of GTT and EABS said, “This collaboration heralds the future of education where students anywhere can get a global education experience, bringing together best of both worlds from the academia and industry of the two nations. UCCS has some of the most relevant programs in IT and management and also an outstanding program taught through blended learning for health care and nursing and through our new Global Connect initiative. These are the first of several planned courses that we look forward to customising and offering, via the center, to cater to the huge needs in India and Asia.”


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