Interview of Santosh Deshmukh, Project Manager in INDOLINK

This year is INDOLINK’s 10th Anniversary. For that reason we have interviewed some of our team members to know them a bit better.vlcsnap-00004

Santosh Deshmukh is the Vendor Development Manager in INDOLINK and operates from Pune office.  He has studied Industrial engineering. He is working with INDOLINK for more than 9 years. He has been closely involved in various set-up projects. We have interviewed him to know his experience about working with INDOLINK.

When did you start working for INDOLINK? And the reason why you decided to join?

I joined on 7th March 2005 as Jr. engineer in vendor development dept. Initially INDOLINK was named as Mai Sourcing and we were more focused on automotive rubber parts development, procurement and supply to Miju SA.

The activity I use to perform initially was a sort of repetitive work ‘’Inspection’’ which I decided to end up and look a sort of job where I could learn new things other than inspection. Hence I got a opportunity to work in vendor development department where I developed skills like vendor assessment, costing, and many more.

What he been the major set up projects you/INDOLINK have handled?

The major set up projects executed by Indolink are Miju india Pune plant, Bellota at Sinnar, Gamesa at Chennai, Windar in Gujarat.

Major set up projects that  I have handled is Bellota, where I was involved in each and every activity closely like from land identification & acquisition, Architect, civil contractor and other agency finalization, procurement (steel, cement, etc for building) raw material (boron steel billets) process equipments procurement install and commission, etc. . It was the first experience set up industrial project for me all new things and I really learned a lot from this project.

I was involved in Windar project as well where I was more focused on equipment procurement, installation and commissioning part but was also active in other activities like land identification, architect search and assessment, recruitment, licenses, etc. The most critical task was to convert the land from residential Non-agricultural to Industrial Non-agricultural, as the factory construction was started and to get 12 km 33 Kva HT electricity line for Bellota which we monitored closely and we got it by passing various hurdles.

What are the major challenges you face while working on projects, both from Indian companies(contractors, govt. agencies etc…) as well as the foreign companies/customers?

The major challenges faced while working with foreign companies are mostly the language communication & pronunciations. It also happens that some contractor representatives commits but do not fulfill the commitment for some or other reason which leads to frustrations as the foreigners are not so use to commit false dates. On most of the Indian site activities safety norms are not thoroughly followed which is strange for foreign companies.

Tell us something about the internal working culture of INDOLINK.

The working culture in Indolink is really very good. Its a free working environment and everyone tries to give 100% to fulfill customer demands/ requirements. There is no typical Indian working culture like proprietorship, one man company/single decision maker, boss, assistant, personal assistant, etc. Everyone works as a team and shares all the knowledge gathered/ gained. We have strong quality system, IT infrastructure etc… so there is no any hidden process whatever we do is transparent.



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