What our Customers say about us


“Looking back to my first visit to India more than 10 years ago, the feeling is almost melancholic. Although it seems just like yesterday, there have been many travels during this time and countless experiences lived.

Our start in India and our work during all this time, has always been attached to INDOLINK, and in this 10th Anniversary we would like to sincerely thank their effort, their professionalism and the commitment that they have proved to us all the way until this day. Without them our set up in India wouldn’t have been possible. For our company, this setup has meant a huge opportunity, and with everyone’s effort, they have made difficult look easy.

Congratulations and well done. – Aristides Maurel, CEO (MIJU S.A.)

” Our experience working with INDOLINK dates back to 2011, when Aernnova Group decided to open an engineering office in India. Although we had in our record some past experiences in countries like USA and Brazil, we understood that, given the singularity of the country and our intention to outsource the accounting, tax and labour departments, it was crucial for us to find a consultancy company that could provide us all the needed support in the mentioned areas, as well as a close collaborator that could take our working method and our needs, making it all compatible with the regulations and the formal requirements of the country; something like our authorized representative in specific matters in India.

At this point, we have not only achieved to have this type of service through our understanding with INDOLINK, but we have also felt a collaborative spirit beyond that of the contractual agreement ; they have worked closely in all the issues that we have put forward, showing great professionalism and promptness in their replies throughout all this time.

Our impression is that INDOLINK knows very well the needs and sensations of the foreign companies located in India. This gives way to a ready communication and, for this, making progress in a country like India becomes easy”. – Patxi Molás (AERNNOVA)

“I find Indolink a supportive company for the internationalization of companies in India. The knowledge that Indolink has about the legal barriers that usually the foreigner companies find in their arrival, help them to overcome succesfully the first and hard steps in our adoptive country. The continous communication and advice from Indolink team is the best guaranty to have an efective landing in India.” – Fernando Rueda (HINE India)

“INDOLINK is making it possible for us to set up the subsidiary of HIDROAMBIENTE in India, EVERBLUE. INDOLINK is nowadays our trusted counselor in India.” – Miguel Iturbe (EVERBLUE/HIDROAMBIENTE)

We would like to thank you & the Indolink team for all the wonderful support throughout this year, and we look forward for your extended support in the future. – Giridaran Srinivasan (Zigor India)



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