New e-commerce platform launched for cross-border sales

index.jpgSource:, Jan 24, 2017

NEW DELHI: Singapore-based Anchanto, an e-commerce logistics and selling platform, has launched a new software called SelluSeller, which will help entrepreneurs and merchants to sell their products in multiple online marketplaces across Asia.

Within the first month of its launch, it has acquired four big customers, including Alibaba-backed Paytm in India, Lazada, Bluebell Group and DKSH.

“Sellers are looking for a simple platform to sell their products regionally in Southeast Asia and India on cross-border model. SelluSeller is designed and built for cross-border listing and shipping from day one,” said Vaibhav Dabhade, CEO, Anchanto, at the launch of SelluSeller at the Asia E-commerce Dialogue 2017, in Singapore, recently.

The company will begin with nearly 55 distributors and the target is to have 5,000 sellers over the next five months, said Dabhade. Most of these are from Southeast Asian markets including Indonesia and India, besides those from international markets like Italy. Anchanto will collaborate Paytm to reach the tier 2, 3 and 4 cities in India, said Dabhade.

On the SelluSeller platform, sellers can manage prices and promotions, maintain a single common inventory, which comes with an order system, analytics and full-payment reconciliations. Sellers can be small home-operated participants or major operators who sell in all the prominent marketplaces in Asia.

The seller can choose to use any of Anchanto’s Global Fulfilment Network and e-commerce B2C fulfilment which will fully integrate with SelluSeller and provide them with preferred fulfillment rates. This will be further connected to the firm’s broad network of warehouses spread across the region.


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