India’s smartphone user base topped 300 million in 2016

Source: The Economic Times, Jan 25, 2017

aKolkata: India’s smartphone user base topped 300 million in 2016 with the market growing by 18% led by theChinese brands such as Vivo, Oppo, Lenovo and Xiaomi, says a latest study by Counterpoint’s Research. This is as compared to the global smartphone market which grew by a modest 3%.

The researcher said in the crucial October-December quarter, the Chinese brands contributed to 46% of the total smartphone market with no Indian brand figuring amongst the top 5 smartphone brands for the first time ever. This the company attributed to demonetization and the rapid expansion of the Chinese players that continue to expand their presence throughout India, riding on aggressive portfolio strategies and substantial marketing spends.

Counterpoint estimates that more than 83 million smartphones in 2016 were made in India and three out of four were manufactured domestically in the last quarter. And more than 7 out of 10 smartphones shipped in India were LTE capable. The researcher said one in three smartphones sold during the last quarter were through ecommerce channels, a segment which grew 24% in 2016.

Apple crossed 2.5 million unit sales in last year, with one-third of its total shipment coming alone from the record fourth quarter driven by seasonality and the launch of iPhone 7. The company thereby captured the tenth position in the smartphone rankings during the last quarter but led the premium segment (above Rs 30,000) with 62% market share.


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