Natural rubber exports from India reach the highest in last four years

Source: The Economic Times, Apr 17, 2017

KOCHI: Natural rubber (NR) exports from India registered a big jump during last fiscal with 20,030 tonnes leaving the country. It was only 865 tonnes in the previous year.

After touching 30,594 tonnes in 2012-13, the exports had progressively dropped every year owing to relative low price of NR in the international market.

During 2016-17, different types of NR viz. RSS (363 tonnes), ISNR (6508 tonnes), latex (13023 tonnes), and others (136 tonnes ) were exported to different countries. Majority of shipments were to Germany, Brazil, the US, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, China, Egypt, Netherland, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sweden, Nepal, and the UAE.

Branding of NR, initiated by the Rubber Board helped Indian exporters to claim their market share as the quality assurance helped boost buyers’ confidence. About 65 per cent of the NR exported was under the brand ‘Indian Natural Rubber’. Indian Natural Rubber branding is an export promotion strategy promoted by the Board since 2011 with an objective of distinguishing Indian rubber in international market with its discerning quality features.

Concentrated latex constituted 65 per cent of the total NR exports. The domestic demand for concentrated latex was declining but exports helped to stabilise the domestic prices.

The board is promoting export as a market intervention strategy to adjust imbalances in the domestic market owing to unscrupulous imports of rubber. Exports during this peak production period of December 2016 to March 2017 helped the domestic market maintain market equilibrium, an official release from the board said.


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