Indian smart cities can become lighthouses for world, says London School of Economics

Source : Economic Times 2 June 2017

NEW DELHI: The Centre’s flagship initiative Smart City Mission has got its first international affirmation, as a London School of Economics study has praised the government’s effort, saying Indian smart cities could become lighthouses for other cities around the world.

Two years after the Narendra Modi-led government launched the mission to smarten up 98 cities by promoting economic growth and improved governance, the study has commended the programme. The London School of Economics study was conducted after the first set of 20 cities were chosen in January 2016 through a competitive process to initiate the mission. The research examined the proposals of each city and conducted stakeholder interviews to gauge the selection process and the quality of the mission. The Smart Cities Challenge, which was the first time Indiaused an open national competitive framework to distribute funding to local governments for urban development, has been termed as “the most innovative aspect of the Mission”.

The study praises the innovative and transparent manner in which the challenge was conducted, stating the process encouraged new thinking amongst local leaders and encouraged them to “perform well under pressure” and “work across departments”.


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