Job creation in organised sector on an upswing

Source:, Mar 13, 2018

New Delhi: Job creation in some segments of the organised sector has picked up pace, according to the Labour Bureau’s seventh quarterly employment survey data released on Monday.

As per the data, 1.36 lakh jobs were created across eight sectors, which account for 81% of the country’s total organised workforce, in the July-September quarter of 2017. This was more than double the 64,000 jobs created in the preceding quarter and more than four times the 32,000 jobs created a year ago.

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The numbers are based on the 2013-14 Economic Census and hence do not include enterprises incorporated after 2014.

The 11,000 enterprises are spread across eight identified sectors – manufacturing, education, transport, trade, health, accommodation and restaurant, IT-BPO and construction.

During the quarter, 89,000 jobs were created in the manufacturing sector, 21,000 in education, 20,000 in transport, 14,000 in trade, 11,000 in health, 2,000 in accommodation and restaurant, and 1,000 jobs in the IT-BPO sector, while there was a loss of 22,000 jobs in the construction sector.

The labour ministry plans to soon kick-start the exercise of computing employment data in the unorganised sector as it plans to launch the quarterly employment enterprise survey for units with less than 10 workers.

This follows the recommendation of a high-level task force under NITI Aayog vice chairman on employment, said a senior labour ministry official.

The Economic Census has pegged the number of employees in the country at 13 crore, of which 2.4 crore are in the organised sector or in firms with more than 10 employees. Hence, there are 10.6 crore people in the unorganised sector.

However, how many of them and what sectors will be covered will be decided by a high-level committee set up for the purpose.

“The government has given its go-ahead to this new survey, which will include a large number of MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) and we hope to launch it in April,” the official cited earlier said. The result of the first such survey will be put out only next year, he said.

This survey would be released along with the quarterly employment survey in the organised sector of the Labour Bureau.


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