Gamesa inaugurates their Wind Turbine Factory in India

On 9th February, a delegation of Gamesa led by the President and Chief Executive of Gamesa, Jorge Calvet and Ramesh Kymal, Managing Director of Gamesa India, officially inaugurated their first factory in India.

The factory is located in Red Hills, a few kilometers from Chennai. Mr. Kymal pointed out that Gamesa will produce all the components of the wind turbines in India, except for the blades.

Gamesa factory in Chennai

 Gamesa presently employs about 100 people and estimates to increase the staff to 200 by the end of this year.

Additionally Gamesa will invest in the creation of Wind parks in India. The Spanish company has started to acquire land in Coimbatore and Theni for the development of the parks. They expect to create a capacity of 50MW and 85 MW respectively.

INDOLINK has assisted Gamesa in their setup process in India. The services rendered include strategic consultancy, location study, recruitment of key personnel and refurbishment of the factory. INDOLINK was present in the event through their delegate in Chennai.

Gamesa factory in Chennai

Business visit agenda organization for West Holland Investment Agency

Company/ Institute name: West Holland Investment Agency
Year/ place: 2008, Ahmedabad, Bangalore & Chennai
Sector: Promotion agency
Services provided: Consultancy services for organizing visit agenda in India.

Approach & Execution: West Holland Investment Agency (WFIA), is a non profit, professional organization based in The Hague, Netherlands. One of the core services provided by the WFIA is a free tailor-made fact-finding visit for companies interested in the West-Holland region.

INDOLINK had assisted WFIA in identifying potential Indian companies interested to invest in West Holland and organized their visit schedule in Ahmedabad, Bangalore & Chennai.


PIDINVER India: 40 Investment opportunities for Spanish companies in India by ICEX

Company/ Institute name: Spanish Foreign Trade Institute (ICEX)
Year/ place: 2008, all India
Sector: Multisectorial
Services provided: Consulting services, audit and diagnosis of 40 Indian companies.
PIDINVER India is a program of the Spanish Foreign Trade Institute (ICEX) to identify, promote and support new investment initiatives for Spanish companies in the Indian market. For this purpose INDOLINK was appointed by ICEX to carry out the audit and diagnosis of 40 Indian companies.

The audits were conducted in different sectors such as automotive, electrical, electronic, energy, engineering, IT, textile, oil and gas, FMCG and others.

Our consultants travelled to 40 different companies all over India where they spent one full day interviewing key personnel and conducting the audits. The scope of the audits was wide and after the field work was done, a report was written for each company/audit containing detailed information in the following areas: Marketing & Sales, Operations & Technology, Personnel & Finance, SWOT analyses, Collaboration proposals and Risk Assesments.

Its conclusions were put forward in three seminars with the following title: PIDINVER project “40 investment opportunities for Spanish companies in India”.
The seminars were held in Barcelona, Madrid and San Sebastian in June 2008, had a good affluence of enterprises interested in India. The event started with the intervention of Jose Antonio Bretones, Commercial Delegate of the Spanish Commercial Office in New Delhi, presenting “Indian Market: Introduction and Business Opportunities”; members of ICEX followed with a detailed explanation of the support programmes they offered to Spanish companies that want to invest in India; and third, Mario Gil, Director of INDOLINK explained the experiences of twelve Spanish companies that are already or in the process of setting up their facilities in India. He also detailed the process of how the 40 audits and diagnosis of Indian enterprises were conducted by INDOLINK.



Presentation event of UNIPORT Bilbao in Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai by INDOLINK

Company/ Institute name:   UNIPORT Bilbao
Year/ place:  2008, Mumbai (Maharashtra)
Sector:  logistics & shipping
Services provided:  Consulting services for organizing an event in India i.e. presentation of Uniport Bilbao & b2b meetings with Spanish delegates & Indian companies.

The Spanish delegation included 14 port maritime companies and 19 people including the Chairman of the Port of Bilbao Authority and UniportBilbao/Port Community.
INDOLINK had carried out market research in identifying Indian importers/exporters, big scale companies, logistics & shipping companies and public/private institutions. The next step was to short list the interested companies/ institutes and inviting them for the event and organizing one to one meetings with the Spanish delegates.

The presentation was held in the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai the 25th of November 2008.


Market research and business agenda for ELT in India

Company/ Institute name:  ELT (Especialidades Luminotécnicas, S.A.)
Year/ place:  2008, New Delhi & Mumbai (Maharashtra)
Sector:  Electric & electronic
Services provided: Consulting services for market research & organizing visit agenda in India.

The commercial mission of ELT in India was to identify distributors/ importers, as well as potential clients within the lighting fittings manufacturers. ELT designs and manufactures magnetic ballasts, electronic ballasts and ignitors in accordance with the specific characteristics of each lamp.

INDOLINK had carried out market research in identifying distributors/ importers, as well as potential clients for ELT within the lighting fittings manufacturers in India. The visits were scheduled in New Delhi & Mumbai.


Business agenda organization for KIDER in India

Company/ Institute name:  KIDER
Year/ place:  2008, Pune (Maharashtra)
Sector:  Industrial equipment
Services provided:  Consulting services for organizing visit agenda in Pune, India.

KIDER is a Spanish manufacturer of furniture for commercial centre like displays, trolleys etc. They were interested into identifying Indian market and exploring the possibility of setting up a unit in India.

INDOLINK had assisted them to identify opportunities in India and organizing visits with the potential Indian companies.


Trade mission organization in India for Chamber of Commerce of Málaga and Technological Park of Andalucía

Company/ Institute name: Chamber of Commerce of Malaga (Spain) & PTA (Technological Park of Andalucia, Spain)
Year/ place: 2008, Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai
Sector: Information Technology
Services provided: Consulting services for organizing an IT trade mission such as common and individual agenda organization, logistics, etc.

Fifteen IT companies from Malaga, located in the Technological Park of Andalucia came along with PTA and the Chamber of Commerce of Málaga in order to grasp a better knowledge of the IT sector and companies of India.

The individual meetings with Indian counterparts were complemented with joint visits to important Indian IT companies like INFOSYS and PERSYSTENT.


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