INDOLINK is assisting GAMESA-MADE in setting up their plant in Chennai (India)

Company/ Institute name: GAMESA-MADE
Year/ place: 2008, Chennai (Tamil Nadu)
Sector: Renewable energy
Services provided: Consulting services & setup assistance. Provide strategic consulting, best set up location study, personnel recruitment, vendor search for strategic components and business centre search and selection.

MADE renewable energy is part of GAMESA Group of companies, manufacturing wind turbines. After they decided to establish a setup in India they judged it necessary to have an external consulting company expert in India to collaborate with them. After several meetings they chose INDOLINK for this purpose.

Since first quarter of 2008 we are assisting GAMESA-MADE in their setup venture in Chennai. This experience it’s a fine example of how an external consultant can add value to a setup project.

Organization of visit agenda for SIDEREX in India

Company/ Institute name: SIDEREX
Year/ place: 2008, Mumbai & Pune (Maharashtra)
Sector: Metal
Services provided: Consulting services for organizing a visit agenda for a company from Steel Indusiderexstry.

A Spanish company manufacturer of metal sheets, had shown interest to explore the business opportunities in India.

Objective: To explore business opportunities available in Indian Market by having 1to1 meeting with Indian manufacturers of Consumer Goods.
Approach & Execution: INDOLINK carried out a detailed research activity to understand the potential business prospects for the Spanish company in India. A list of around 25 companies was provided to them, out of which the customer has shortlisted 9 companies. Finally the customers had B2B meetings with 5 companies (Indian & MNC) in Pune & Mumbai, Maharashtra. INDOLINK also provided a brief report about these 5 companies which has given the customer a clear understanding about these companies in India.

Conclusion: This event was a success and our customer was satisfied with their first visit to India. By having 1 to 1 meetings with the Indian Companies, it becomes very easy for the Spanish companies to understand the needs of Indian market, which will help them to customize their products with accordance to Indian Market.

Visit agenda organization for Aragón Exterior in Mumbai (India)

Company/ Institute name: Aragon Exterior
Year/ place: 2008, Mumbai (Maharashtra)
Sector: Promotion agencies
Services provided: Consulting services for organizing visit agenda for a company from Electricity & Telecommunication Industry from 23rd to 28th Jan 2008, in Mumbai.

Introduction: A Spanish company working in the international electricity sector, which is involved in manufacturing and distributing of some parts for the telecommunication sector. They are also manufacturers of some products for industrial applications. The variety of products is fine and of high quality.

Scope of Project: The Spanish company was looking for distributors in India for their products. They informed us to look for some potential distributors in Mumbai, Maharashtra and to arrange meetings with these distributors, so that the Spanish company can observe the set up and infrastructure of Indian Distributors. INDOLINK carry out research activity by understanding their products and requirements, to locate some potential distributors and to arrange b2b meeting with the Spanish company.


Approach and Execution: After desk research, 25 companies were listed. This list includes manufacturing companies, dealers and distributors in similar sector at Mumbai, Maharashtra.

These listed 25 companies were contacted and out of 25 companies 11 companies had shown interest. Customer short listed 7~8 companies for b2b meetings.

Conclusion: These meetings have helped customer to utilize maximum time with the Indian Distributors in Mumbai, to understand the working structure, Indian companies’ capabilities, infrastructure, etc…. All business meetings were accomplished within the described time frame.

Visit agenda organization for Aragón Exterior in North India

Company/ Institute name: Aragon Exterior
Year/ place: 2008, New Delhi, Agra, Jalandhar & Ludhiana in North India
Services provided: Consulting services for organizing visit agenda for a company from Construction Industry.

Introduction: A Spanish company that is engaged in designing, manufacturing formwork Solutions, hydraulic pallet trucks, unloading flat forms and cable façade service lifts wanted to find suppliers and/or local partners from India for accessories. With this intention they came to India and participated in Building Materials & Construction Technologies Exhibition at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from 21-23 Jan 2008.

Approach & Execution: The visit of the representative of the Spanish company were organized to observe the manufacturing set up and to have b2b meetings with Indian companies and to assess the Indian companies’ capabilities.


India has an edge in the service aspects of manufacturing, including design, development and ability to customize output to meet changing demands. Based on this the Spanish company will send their specifications, drawings and samples to the suppliers for their quotation.

Conclusion: INDOLINK worked as a catalyst for them to explore the business opportunities in India to carry forward their goals in India. The study visits were planned for three days and it was completed successfully to the satisfaction and comfort of the client.

1st Automotive Encounter organized by Chamber of Commerce of Bilbao in Pune (India)

Company/ Institute name: Chamber of Commerce of Bilbao
Year/ place: 2007, Pune (Maharashtra)
Sector: Promotion agencies
Services provided: Consulting services for organizing Trade Mission & Visit Agenda for Spanish companies

From 1-5 October 2007, eight Spanish companies, manufacturers of automotive components, as well as machinery and systems for the automotive sector participated in a trade mission from the automotive sector in Pune (India).
The visits were concentrated in Pune, the “Detroit of India” and the participants had the opportunity to visit Indian automotive giants such as TATA and BAJAJ.
Apart from the combined visits, individual visits of the representatives of Five Spanish Companies who were a part of this delegation were organized with Indian Companies, located at Pune, which they found interesting and useful.

Turnkey project: INDOLINK assists BELLOTA Agrisolutions to setup their plant in Nasik (India)

Company name: Bellota Agrisolutions
Year/place: 2007, Nasik (Maharashtra)
Sector: Metal
Services provided: Consulting services & Setup assistance. It’s a turnkey project by providing consulting, supply, installation, execution and Project Management, recruitment.

Bellota Herramientas it’s a Spanish company belonging to “Corporación Patricio Etxeberria (CPE)” group of companies. They manufacture hand tools and spare parts for agricultural machinery.

CPE has manufacturing plants in Spain, Denmark, United States, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela. Their products are being sold in more than 120 countries.

As a step towards expansion of their activities the group decided to set up their manufacturing operations in India and after analyzing the different suitable locations, it was decided to set up the operations in Nasik (Maharashtra). The Group has decided to set up their operations in India in a phased manner and will be starting with the production of only one of the products from the variety of their product line.


INDOLINK CONSULTING is assisting this group to execute this Turnkey project. The Broader Scope of this project includes:

  1. Market research: mainly by answering this two questions; Why it will be beneficial to set up manufacturing operations in India? and Which location will be more suitable?
  2. Obtain Necessary Licenses: All necessary licenses, registrations and approvals to smoothly carry out the operations in India
  3. Recruitment of Candidates for Key Positions.
  4. Acquisition of Land: All type of assistance related to acquisition of land, from looking for suitable land till getting possession of it and registration of property documents.
  5. Construction of Factory Building: All type of services related to execution and project management of construction of the facilities, including finalization of agencies, approval of Building plan, construction of building.
  6. Accessibility of necessary Infrastructure and installations: Making available necessary infrastructure such as office electricity, water, communication, furniture, etc.
  7. Acquisition of Required Machineries: Acquisition of required machineries for their Indian facility, including looking for suppliers, finalizing suppliers and machines, coordination with suppliers, getting machines and installation of them in the factory building.
  8. Other Miscellaneous Services: Other services required by the group from time to time to assist them in setting up their operations in India.

Aragon Exterior’s participation in IFE 2007 in Delhi

Company/ Institute name: Aragon Exterior
Year/ place: 2007, New Delhi
Sector: Promotion agencies
Services provided: Consulting services for organizing Trade Mission & Visit Agenda for Spanish companies

Introduction: Four renowned Spanish wineries, have participated in IFE 07 (International Food, Drink & Hospitality Exhibition) from 6th to 8th Dec 07. INDOLINK understood their interest to explore a very lucrative market available in India for their wines. Considering the available opportunities and trying to provide the best returns to our customers, INDOLINK coordinated the total event in India on behalf of our customers.


Approach & Execution: INDOLINK organized one to one meetings of the representatives of these Wineries with all the prime Importers/ Distributors & Wineries from India and also conducted a “Wine Tasting Event” for the Indian Importers/ Distributors/ Wineries during IFE 07. INDOLINK also organized meetings of these Spanish Wineries with the Indian Importers at their offices which can provide a real understanding of the working pattern and infrastructure of Indian Importers.

Conclusion: Spanish Wineries have received an excellent experience in understanding Indian Market, working structure, legal & commercial aspects involved in the trade, discussing their views, potential of the Indian Market, etc…