Legal consulting services for a company in the Food Industry

Company/ Institute name: Company from Food industry*
Year/ place: 2006, Nagpur (Maharashtra)
Sector: Food industry
Services provided: Provide legal consulting regarding incorporation of their subsidiary, Memorandum of Understanding and Joint Venture Agreement.
*the company does not want its name to be disclosed


Set up assistance: SOFTWICK Systems in Pune

Company/ Institute name: SOFTWICK Systems
Year/ place: 2004, Pune (Maharashtra)
Sector: Information Technology
Services provided: Setup assistance and company formation in India to avail the advantages of access to application programmers at a more competitive cost.


MIJU Components… The fastest setup

Year/ place: 2005, Pune (Maharashtra)
Sector: Automotive
Services provided: Turnkey project. Consulting services, procurement, installing, project execution and management of the complete setup of MIJU S.A.’s subsidiary in India.

MIJU S.A. is a Spanish SME manufacturing rubber components for automotive industry. MIJU Components Pvt. Ltd. is without any doubt the fastest setup that INDOLINK has carried out and is subject to an interesting Case Study.

The first contact of MIJU’s management with India was in January 2004 with the Auto Expo’04 Exhibition in New Delhi. That same year MIJU contacts INDOLINK and we carry out the analysis and evaluation of two different strategies: setup or outsource. The first option proofs to be more feasible and by the month of July the company is forms, lands are bought and key personnel is recruited to follow their training process. The building of the factory starts in November. In March 2005 the imported machines are installed and two months later they start to dispatch the first materials to the customers.

In a period of one year and four months MIJU goes through the process of considering whether to setup or outsouce from India to being a global supplier dispatching to his customers from their Indian subsidiary.

Currently we are also carrying outsourcing activities for this customer.