Centre, states apportion Rs 29,000 cr IGST in September

Source: The Economic Times, Sept. 30, 2018

As much as Rs 29,000 crore lying in the Integrated GST or IGST pool has been apportioned between the Centre and states in the month of September.

The central government will get about Rs 14,500 crore and the remaining would be distributed among the states in proportion to the revenue collection in September, an official told PTI.

The apportionment would help improve indirect tax position of both the Centre and states.

This is the fourth time that IGST funds have been dividend between the Centre and states.

As much as Rs 12,000 crore was settled between them in August, Rs 50,000 crore in June and Rs 35,000 crore in February this year.

A policy decision has been taken that when some substantial amount accrues to IGST pool it should be apportioned so that funds do not lie idle with the Centre, the official said, adding Rs 29,000 crore has been apportioned this month.

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No GST refunds for foreigners as of now as there is no provision: FinMin

Source: Business Standard, Aug 06, 2018

New Delhi: Foreigners coming to India may not get GST refunds on goods purchased and carried back by them as the government has not invoked relevant provisions of the Integrated Goods and Services Tax Act yet, the Finance Ministry has said in reply to an RTI query.

It was asked to provide details on procedures for foreigners to get GST refunds on goods purchased by them in India.Some western nations provide refunds of certain taxes on goods purchased by foreigners there.

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Proposed returns process to simplify GST regime, bring relief to taxpayers

Source: Business Standard, Jul 31, 2018

New Delhi: Life will be a bit easier for businesses and professionals under the goods and services tax (GST) regime if the proposed simplified returns are put in place six months down the line.The number of returns to be filed will be much reduced compared to that in the existing scheme.

However, assessees will have to continuously upload invoices and keep track of matching purchase receipts with those of sales to claim input tax credit. This, many say, will be burdensome for taxpayers because currently they self-certify the credit claims.

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Govt releases draft of new, simpler GST return forms

                                                                Source: LiveMint.com, Jul 30, 2018

download (5)New Delhi: The government on Monday released the draft of the goods and services tax (GST) return forms as it looks to make the return filing process simpler for taxpayers.

Taxpayers, who are seeking clarity in the tax filing regime, have been eagerly awaiting the tax return forms. The GST return forms are also crucial for tax authorities as they look to verify input tax credit claims and shore up tax revenues.

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GST rate cut gets mixed response as some manufacturers gain, others lose

download (1)Source: Business Standard, Jul 23, 2018

Mumbai / New Delhi: The GST (goods and services tax) Council’s decision on Saturday to rationalise tax rates of nearly 100 items has evoked mixed reactions from companies who make these products.

While home appliance makers are a happy lot, since the GST on washing machines and refrigerators has been slashed from 28 per cent to 18 per cent, television (TV) and air conditioner makers are not.

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Branches, project offices of foreign companies exempt from GST

download.jpgSource: The Economic Times, Jul 23, 2018

NEW DELHI: In a move that brings relief to banking, insurance, infrastructure, IT and ITeS sectors, the GST Council has decided to exempt branches and project offices of foreign companies in India from goods and services tax (GST).

A notification will be issued shortly, said a person familiar with the development. Industry bodies, including Indian Bank Association, had represented to the government as well as the GST Council on the issue, which was hurting most banks that have branch offices overseas and foreign infrastructure companies that typically implement projects through project offices.

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Govt plans 46 changes in, explanations to, GST laws

download (4).jpgSource: LiveMint.com, Jul 09, 2018

New Delhi: A year after the introduction of GST, the government has proposed major changes in GST laws. The proposed changes include newer version of the Reverse Charge Mechanism, no transitional credit for cess, definition of services for composition scheme and input tax credit, among others.

It proposes 38 changes in CGST Act 2017, six changes and explanations in IGST Act 2017 and two in GST (Compensation to States) Act. Some of these changes are in response to earlier decisions taken by the GST Council, while a few have been proposed on the basis of representations made by trade and industry. The government has invited comments from stakeholders by July 15.

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