INDOLINK has been chosen by WINDAR (Daniel Alonso Group) to assist them in setting up their subsidiary in India

The company WINDAR located in Avilés (Spain), owned by Daniel Alonso Group (70%) and Gamesa (30%); will set up by 2011 a wind turbine tower factory in northwest India. The factory will be similar to the one which Windar has in Avilés, which eight years ago required an investment of 12 million euros, will occupy an area of 20,000 square meters plus a large field of open space for the storage of materials and finished products.

The Spanish industrial group, Daniel Alonso, with a turnover of  450 million € and more than 2,000 employees, has a proven industrial experience in providing global solutions to the manufacturing sectors of cement, energy, environmental, metalworking, shipbuilding, petrochemical and steel industries that they have been developing since 1958.

The industrial growth experienced by India in recent years and its expected current and future development, make of this country a base of strategic importance. The set up of WINDAR in India is for Daniel Alonso Group, a firm step in their approach to this country.

This is the first plant that WINDAR establishes outside the Spanish territory. Orlando Alonso, CEO of the group explained that the aim is that the Avilés plant will satisfy the entire European market and North Africa. The other two Spanish plants will supply the domestic market. The Indian subsidiary will only cater to the Indian market: “It’s a new market that we will add, never subtract from which we already have,” he said.

India is the sixth largest consumer of energy, with an installed capacity of around 160,000 MW, of which 15,000 are for renewable energy. Nevertheless, the country still has an energy deficit of between 8 and 12%, which together with its industrial development and rising household consumption requires huge investments in power generation in all its possible sources.

The Government of India plans to add 100,000 MW in the coming years, of which 10% will account for renewable energies, where the wind represents 70%.

Given the importance of the project, the magnitude of the investments to be made and the complexity of this kind of process, WINDAR needed advice from a reliable company with proven experience in production plants in India. That is why Windar has selected INDOLINK, to support them in various stages of its set up in this country. INDOLINK has worked in recent years in the successful establishment of GAMESA in India and currently works on setting up some of its major suppliers.

Fuente: INDOLINK Consulting

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